বংপেন (তন্ময় মুখোপাধ্যায়)

1. Chholar Daal all across the bosom of Hing Kochuri. #BengaliValentineMoment

2. Lipstick on Uttam lips outshining Suchitra's Makeup. #BengaliValentineMoment

3. Salil Chowdhury and a happy evening. #BengaliValentineMoment

4. Reading an Anondobajar article on NASA exploits while traveling in a Tram. #BengaliValentineMoment

5. The Class VII girl who has just read her first Prodosh C Mitter adventure. #BengaliValentineMoment

6. Rivulets of surabhee Ghee flowing through the mountain of Gorom Bhaat. #BengaliValentineMoment

7. Fuchkawala insisting on that Faau Fuchka. #BengaliValentineMoment

8. Clouds colliding into an evening of Beguni. #BengaliValentineMoment

9. Discovering that ChileyKotha could be deeper than the deepest poems. #BengaliValentineMoment

10. That awkward moment when the question is floated "Aapni Ki Suor?" #BengaliValentineMoment

11. Reading your meaningless Kobita published in a meaningless Little Mag while sipping tasteless Coffee House Coffee. #BengaliValentineMoment

12. Humming "Tomaakey Chai" while entering Arsalan. #BengaliValentineMoment

13. Carrying an Umbrella to NolBon on a clear December afternoon. #BengaliValentineMoment

14. Realizing that no one carries the Pink Sleeveless and Hot Pant combo better than Baantul the Great. #BengaliValentineMoment

15. He stopped walking and boarded a Tram because he wasn't in any hurry whatsoever. #BengaliValentineMoment

16. Season's first Ilish on the slurping Tongue tip. #BengaliValentineMoment

17. When her smile seems like a mouthful of Alu Posto. #BengaliValentineMoment

18. The moment you realize that Omelette feeds you and Maamlet charms you. #BengaliValentineMoment

19. Feeling the difference between the Peck of Chicken and the Smooch of Mutton. #BengaliValentineMoment

20. Mandodari knitting monkey cap for Ravan. #BengaliValentineMoment

21. "You smell amazing. Boroline?" #BengaliValentineMoment

22. Squeezing in a V for victory and spelling it Bhalovebasha. #BengaliValentineMoment

23. Creation of a new Shiv Sena for Bengal. Shibram Sena. #BengaliValentineMoment

24. Mohun Bengal Vs East Bagan. #BengaliValentineMoment

25. She (Cuddling) : What's more important for you...Chumu or Ilish Bhaaja!

He: *few seconds pause"

She: "Jaanowar"


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